Seven Second Life Lessons gives you daily doses of motivation, inspiration, and revelation from a Certified Professional Life Coach.

You can transform the way you “believe and behave” by simply taking seven seconds each day to read a coaching tip.

Each lesson is coupled with a brief expository from the Coach along with an invitation for you to reflect and write your thoughts in the journaling section of each page.

The life lessons cover a myriad of topics that impact every area of life: from family and finances to relationships and recovery. They are also designed to incite you with insightful messages of hope, encouragement, and self-support.

You will also find a bit of wit and wisdom that will challenge you to think differently, feel differently, and act differently as a catalyst for the changes that you want to see in your life.

The book contains over 400 thought-provoking lessons – one for each day of the year and beyond.

It is a coaching companion, self-help guide, and journal, all-in-one.

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Remarkable Women finalist Shanika Walls

Finding your purpose in life doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes its trial and error before it clicks.

Shanika Walls considers it an honor to be recognized for her contributions to the workforce and her community. The native Memphian, who has 30 years experience in human resources, tells us how she found her passion.

The Benefits of Life Coaching

How to Cope through Coaching

Setting Goals and Making Plans